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Why Skydive Orange is the best place to skydive for LICENSED SKYDIVERS  

Why Skydive Orange is the best place to skydive for STUDENT SKYDIVERS  

This definitive YouTube SKYDIVE ORANGE TANDEM VIDEO- it says it all! It was videoed by Lambert of a skydive made with Instructor Nick Kaminski

We put Safety first! 

Get 12 FREE SKYDIVES from 13,500' with gear rental included - an amazing 12 more thrilling minutes of freefall time - when you buy the whole license program up front! Otherwise you still get 6 Free graduation skydives from over 2 1/2 miles high ($510 value) when you graduate! 

  Looking for a skydiving place that "Specializes" in first jumps, or Tandem skydives?
Numerous skydiving places proudly proclaim that they "Specialize in first Time Tandem Skydives", or "Specialize in first jumps". What they are really saying is they do not have the staff, experience, or airlift capacity to accommodate any further training beyond a simple first jump. Considering that Skydive Orange does more of each kind of first jumps and AFF program training jumps than many drop zones for hundreds of miles around, I think it is realistic to say, by comparison, that we "Specialize" in all kinds of first jumps, progressing Skydiving certification training, as well as specializing in accommodating the needs of licensed, experienced skydivers with hundreds or thousands of jumps. We've been  making over 17,000 jumps ever year here at Skydive Orange for over 6 years now. 

The lone tandem instructor at a very small skydiving place lacks the instantaneous de facto peer-review process that those in a larger skydiving place give each other when they suggest ways to improve to each other, or if they see a safety compromise - more instructors = more eyes in the plane, on the ground, and in the air to spot and correct potential safety compromises before they are repeated.

When we hire new tandem instructors, for instance, one of the things we look for is excellence in multiple facets of the sport as well as genuine enthusiasm outside of just doing paid working jumps. This helps assure that the person teaching you maintains skills beyond the minimums needed just to maintain their Tandem instructor rating, for example.

Skydive Orange is a relatively busy East Coast skydiving center-
An August 2002 survey of skydiving centers in the United States has shown other skydiving centers' business decreasing 20% - 30% in 2002. But here at Skydive Orange, our business increased by 33% - from 10,082 jumps in 2001 to 15,035 jumps in 2002  during the same time. (Update - over 18,000 skydives were made at Skydive Orange in 2003.) While we are not as busy as the major Drop Zones in Florida or Crosskeys NJ., there are several reasons why this should matter to you:

1) Since we are busiest skydiving place around, we have more to lose if something goes wrong, so we are extremely careful about safety, we value our reputation, and we make the investments to maintain the best facilities. We plan to build ourselves a brand new 12,000 sq foot commercial hanger specifically for skydiving in the next year.

2) More activity means we are the most experienced skydiving center, with current active instructors.

3) It is not just first-time skydivers increasing our business. We attract many licensed skydivers from other skydiving centers who have traveled around and compared. Having seen what each skydiving place has to offer, they switched to Skydive Orange. Some student skydivers start elsewhere, then hear about Skydive Orange and come here instead. One major factor in their decision to switch to jumping with us has been:

Our Dedicated Personnel! Our instructors include-

     4 former &/or present USPA Safety & Training Advisors
     1 AFF Course Director (trains and evaluates potential AFF jumpmasters)
     2 Tandem examiners (qualified to rate new tandem instructors)
     2 persons qualified to run a USPA Coaches' Course
     2 Former DZ Operators
    18 USPA Coaches
10 AFF Instructors
    15 Tandem Instructors

See some of them on our instructor page

The most amazing thing about our personnel is that they have a way of staying here at Skydive Orange almost forever! We pay well, and provide an excellent teaching environment. From what we've seen at other drop zones, they have a high turnover in staff. A successful skydiving operation requires an exceptional environment that instructors, coaches, packers and students as well as experienced club members are happy in. For the most part, students want to learn, and teachers want to teach. That is what we do. (And have lots of fun doing it, of course!). See help wanted.

The biggest return on your skydiving education investment is time in the wind tunnel! Lambert has been organizing occasional trips to ParaClete wind tunnel in Raeford, NC, pooling the time we buy and often taking advantage of nighttime flying rates - AND including his considerable coaching skills. When you start the AFF training progression with us, be sure to remind us to add you to the email list we use to keep our student skydivers updated on opportunities like this. See what skydiving student Brian Marcus had to say about his Skydiving Certification wind tunnel training.

Our Student Parachute Systems-
We frequently replace our Tandem and Student
Parachute Systems with new state of the art equipment, well before they wear out, and they always have the latest safety features on the parachute system you use.

CHECK OUT OUR 7 BRAND NEW tandem parachute systems we just got July 2010.

All student and rental parachute systems are equipped with in date CYPRES automatic activation devices. If you are considering jumping somewhere else, be sure to ask them to show you the CYPRES. If it doesn't look like this:

CYPRES automatic parachute activation device control unit
CYPRES automatic parachute activation device control unit. 
Color square is either Red (Expert) Yellow (Student) or Blue (Tandem)

then it is a second rate automatic activation system. If they can't show you the CYPRES on the student parachutes, I suggest you GO ELSEWHERE TO JUMP as they are trusting your life to something a little cheaper than the industry standard. Ask almost any experienced skydiver which is the best automatic activation device, and they'll tell you it is the CYPRES, which leads the industry in the number of units in use by a factor of over 250:1. No other manufacturer could ever test their product to the degree the CYPRES gets tested in such extensive everyday use. With so many Cypres AAD's out there, and such a miniscule rate of trouble, we choose to stick with the most tried and tested system there is, because we take our responsibility to you seriously.

Our skydiving school uses the most recent official instructional program - 
The Integrated Student Program, (ISP) the United State's Parachute Association's (USPA) newest instructional program,  was invented and first used here at Skydive Orange. It addresses many areas that skydiving center operators felt was not adequately covered in the old student progression, with emphasis on teaching parachute canopy control to minimize landing injuries. Pricing and an explanation of what you will be doing on each jump is on Many other skydiving centers still use the obsolete
AFF Level 1-7 program.

The ISP includes 8 categories, A-H, each item to be marked off a check off card as you progress, including an oral test at the end of each category. Once the card is completed, we fax it to USPA and it becomes your A license. The ISP is an outline of what you will learn and can be found in the Skydiver's Information Manual (SIM). Copies of the ISP & SIM are available for sale at student manifest. See more about why it is better than the old AFF level 1-7 system on Skydiving Instruction Terms

We update and change our program constantly to take advantage of the latest United States Parachute Association recommendations. We are probably the most up to date skydiving center in the US, owing to our efforts and outstanding instructors.

No Facility fee nor club membership fees-
We do not charge a daily nor weekend "facility fee" nor require club membership just to jump with us like some skydiving places (unless you plug a trailer or tent into our electric). Although we do require USPA membership, just like all USPA group member skydiving places.

On most weekends we have dedicated experienced load organizers for licensed skydivers doing Freefly and RW jumps. Here's our calendar of Freefly, & Belly flying/RW organizers.

$21 weekday Jumps from 13,500'!-
Click for weekday skydive prices

Our Aircraft-
Our 22 jumper Otter has an extra margin of safety since it is more controllable in the event of engine failure than many skydiving aircraft. It is also more forgiving of weight and balance which is important at 13,000' as skydivers approach the exit. See also Aircraft Safety.

But there is much more to this than just the fact that we have the only year round Super Otter in Virginia,  DC, and Maryland - an exceptional aircraft in any case - with freshly overhauled engines. This magnificent aircraft attracts the most experienced skydivers and skydiving instructors. Since we are the most popular skydiving center, we can take our pick of which instructors to hire. Our students benefit from having the most capable, knowledgeable skydiving professionals.

Some skydiving places still use little Cessnas for jumping. They are kind of cute, but twin engine turbine aircraft, especially the Otter, have a better safety record and climb higher more efficiently and faster.. 

Our club atmosphere-
As a club we put the emphasis on growing and adding more skydivers to our club rather than just maximizing profits on each student. This (plus the Otter) has also attracted more skydiving profesionals who like this environment. When you skydive Virginia's skies over Skydive Orange, you skydive Virginia's friendliest skies! The truth of the matter is, you will just have more fun here with us.
We are the friendliest place in Virginia to make a tandem skydive.

Convenient landing area-
Close to our hanger.

We are a USPA Affiliated Skydiving Center-
A While most potential first timers find discerning the difference between skydiving places to be difficult, one of the most important basis of comparison should be that you only jump at a United States Parachute Association group member Drop Zone such as Skydive Orange. We are listed on imn their drop zone directory. Group members such as us follow USPA's safety recommendations and training standards. While there are probably some good non group member Drop Zones, there are others that have, shall we say, a less than stellar reputation. Why would anyone trust their life to a skydiving place that won't even pledge to follow the United States' national skydiving organization's safety requirements?

Advanced Skydiving Instruction-
We periodically have various experts come to orange who teach and organize instructional skydives in their own field of expertise. These are usually listed as a boogie on the calendar. Here are some examples of advanced training at Skydive Orange:

Relative Work Coaching:
See Relative Work Coaching events on our Skydiving Events page. Relative work means flying together to make skydiving formations in freefall.

Freefly "Head Down" Coaching: 
See our Freefly Skydiving Coaching page and also look for Freefly coaching links on our Skydiving Events page. Freefly is a newer skydiving discipline, flying in formation head down or standing up in freefall.

See also Skydiving teams 

Instructional Ratings (to teach others to skydive):

Tandem To become Tandem Skydiving Instructor.
USPA Coach
To become a USPA rated Coach
AFF Certification Course
to be an AFF Skydiving instructor

Rahlmo's Canopy Skool Advanced Canopy flight instruction for those who want to know more about how their parachute flies. A necessity for those contemplating high performance landing approaches.

More Canopy Coaching! - seminars on safe and exciting canopy piloting, usually hosted by Parachute designer Brian Germaine, check our events page in teh spring for planned canopy flying seminars.

Birdman Wingsuit Coaching


USPA Safety Day!
Every spring, Skydive Orange hosts a series of Safety Day seminars in the hopes of helping USPA make skydiving safer nationwide by encouraging each skydiving place to hold their own safety day events. Check our Calendar of events for next year's USPA Safety day date.

Skydiving Teams love us!

East Coast Skydiving Team Practice jumps from a Super otter year round near DC, MD


See what our customers say about us!

MORE Testimonials!-

See what our GRADUATES say about us!

Check out our Pictures and Videos!-
At Skydive Orange we do more jumps that get videoed by the most talented video guys than any other skydiving place for miles around, and we've got the Videos to prove it!!

We Were Chosen by the DJ crew at DC101 for Tandem Skydives!

That's the Reasons we are the best place to go skydiving in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC metropolitan area, and Maryland Skydivers Skydive at Skydive Orange, VA!!

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