Interested in helping us at the East Coast's most happening Skydiving Center? 

Full Time and Weekend Sigma Rated Vector Tandem Instructors Wanted (preferably with AFF rating)

Weekend -27 Otter DZ with rather active weekdays too. Instructors are expected to be familiar with the ISP, be sober team players who work together for the good of the students. 1 - 1/2 hours South of Washington, DC. Email us if you are interested and highly qualified. We are very busy from the end of April well into November!  
Wanted for 2011-

We might have room for the right team-playing, drama-free, safe, talented, reliable AFF instructors, Tandem instructors and camera flyers with impeccable credentials who produce better than average video and photos, and want to start work starting in late spring 2011. 

-Multiple ratings preferred
-Excellent working conditions
-We pay well and can keep you busy if you have what it takes!
Email us information about yourself if you are interested.
-We have outstanding recent parachute systems


Updated 09/27/2011

PARACHUTE PACKING Classes are offered periodically, but before you sign up you need to watch at least 4 complete (NOT TANDEM!) parachutes being packed at the hangar by experienced skydivers.

Kevin Gibson can arrange packing classes by appointment.

FAA Parachute Rigger Rob Wilsey has his PARACHUTE PACKING CLASS SCHEDULE with all the details on his website! Four (1) hour sessions, no distractions. Starts at 09:00 o'clock am. Sharp Commit to learn. Students will do a review of the main parachute and how to use the pro pack technique to safely organize the components together for general skydiving use. Cash donation of $45.00 accepted. CASH ONLY! Call Rob at 540 317 3326 and check out Rob's Parachute Packing Class website for updates.

Packing is required to clear Category G in the skydiving certification program and to get your license. Email US for more information on packing classes.

  Email US or call with any questions about future packing classes

Prerequisite - We recommend you watch a few student or experienced jumper parachute pack jobs (not tandems) being done by our riggers before coming to the class. Checking out Parts of a parachute and maybe skimming the steering toggle stowing page first wouldn't hurt either. 


Instructors, Coaches, Tandem, AFF Jumpmasters


Cessna and Otter Pilots!






Parachute packing help is sometimes needed. It is possible to make $100's in a weekend (up to $400 - $500 if you work continuously on a long summer weekend after you have lots of packing experience) if you are willing to work hard.  Email Us with "PACKING CLASS" in the subject line if you are interested. You will be working under our FAA rated parachute riggers when you are packing parachutes at Skydive Orange.

Once you are trained, we will provide very close supervision the first few weekends you are packing with us, so don't necessarily expect to be able to jump right in to earning $200 / day right away. There will likely be times when we are busy jumping and training that you will be waiting around. It may take 20-30 or more packs before you are packing efficiently.

One handy thing about having the skill of packing parachutes is that you can usually find work at skydiving places across the country, even around the world, since finding adequate safe, competent parachute packers is usually a problem for most skydiving places. This works out nicely for those who want to travel around the country and need a source of income. However, you are encouraged to use the more economical route of learn to pack by watching our packers for a few pack jobs while they pack parachutes (other than tandems, which are more complicated), then playing around with one of the "Training aid" parachutes to familiarize yourself with it. When our  instructors and riggers feel you are ready, we can arrange to evaluate you to pack under a rigger's supervision.




Working at Skydive Orange as an Instructor, Coach, Tandem, or AFF Jumpmaster-

We have an outstanding instructors at Skydive Orange. Many new folks coming along through our training programs who will no doubt help to keep our standards high for the future and carry the SOI flame when they have the experience- those years go by quick when you are having fun skydiving, as do the hundreds and then thousands of jumps, so eventually they may qualify for a rating. 

FYI for those contemplating getting instructional ratings and working at Orange:

As the person in charge and in control of the student program at Skydive Orange, that puts a lot of responsibility on me in hiring the best instructors.  The possession of an instructional rating of any sort does not automatically mean you can work here. In most cases, we will need to analyze your teaching abilities while working as a coach here under the supervision of our instructors for a good while before you will be allowed to work as a tandem or AFF instructor. We take our customer's safety seriously. And there are many other considerations involved as well, some not directly related to instructional abilities. It may be nothing more than my feeling that this person "just won't fit" or an instinct that this person is not the right instructor for us if I elect not to allow them to instruct here. As a contractor here, you WILL BE CRITICIZED AND CORRECTED as needed! If you take criticisms personally instead of using them productively, you will probably won't be working here long.

Our personnel tends to stay here at Skydive Orange! We pay well and provide an excellent working and teaching environment. From what we've seen at other drop zones, they have a high turnover in staff. Hence we will start out new ratingholders, or those new to Skydive Orange on a trial basis. If you have a rating and want to work at Skydive Orange, don't expect to jump right into full time jumpmastering work.

For those with their own Tandem parachute systems - we are using "in house" equipment; in other words, we do not lease skydiving equipment.
























When you skydive Virginia's skies over Skydive Orange, you sky dive Virginia's friendliest skies!

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